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Discover Seducci equestrian underwear and enjoy every ride

Our equestrian underwear is specifically developed for horse riding and is the best solution in preventing any equestrian discomfort. Thanks to our unique True Seamless™ and DriRide™ technologies you will have a comfortable ride. Riding sores are something of the past with our equestrian underwear. You will be able to ride longer and more often.



Seducci equestrian underwear prevents riding sores

100% Guarantee against riding sores

We strongly believe in our equestrian underwear. Therefore we give a 100% guarantee against riding sores. If you use our equestrian underwear, the Breezy Boxer, and you still have riding sores, then you can return the underwear and we will give you a refund. Visit our customer service for more info.



Equestrian underwear

100% Comfort with equestrian underwear

Seducci equestrian underwear for every horse rider. Riding sores are something of the past with the Breezy Boxer. So enjoy the ride, as often and as long as you want.

The Power of Seducci

True Seamless

Soft and Comfortable

Highly Breathable

…even more Power

Moisture Wicking



True Seamless™

Seducci offers 100% seamless equestrian underwear. There are no seams where the body makes contact with the saddle. You sit on a soft and very elastic fabric that follows the contour of your seat perfectly. Very useful for any type of horse riding.




A dry ride is a comfortable ride. DriRide™ is our solution to keeping your skin as dry as possible by quickly wicking moisture to the outside air.



100% Invisible

Our equestrian underwear is truly 100% seamless, which makes the underwear virtually invisible under your breeches. However, it is possible that a small edge is visible due to the leg elastic, but this is easily solved by cutting off these elastics with a pair of scissors. Don’t worry, the DriRide™ fabric cannot fray. With the leg elastics removed you will have to re-position the legs of the underwear after putting on your riding breeches. When riding, the underwear will stay in its correct place.

Breezy Boxer - Equestrian underwear

Experience the ultimate comfort of the Breezy Boxer with True Seamless™ and DriRide™ technology. Enjoy your rides as often and as long as you want, because riding sores are something of the past.

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A must-have for every horse rider

Seducci equestrian underwear as the basis of your outfit. It won’t be the first item on your wish list, but equestrian underwear is essential for every horse rider, men and women. Just think of the part of your body that makes contact with the saddle and think of the countless movements you make when riding. Without equestrian specific underwear you are vulnerable to riding sores. This can be caused by seams and/or incorrect fabrics. Seducci equestrian underwear is specifically developed to prevent all these issues. Award yourself the most comfortable ride. Comfort starts with the Breezy Boxer.

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