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How to choose the correct breezy boxer
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breezy boxer zero

The Breezy Boxer Zero is without leg elastics and therefore completely invisible under riding breeches. The undergarment will not rise up during riding. However, you will have to smooth out the legs 1 time after putting on your breeches. The result is invisible comfort.

Horse riding underwear - Breezy Boxer About Zero

breezy boxer

The Breezy Boxer with leg elastics is for optimal user comfort. It is possible that the leg elastic is slightly visible. Do you prefer 100% invisibility, than choose the Breezy Boxer Zero (=without leg elastics).

Horse riding underwear - Breezy Boxer About Zero


invisible under breeches
super comfortable
perfect riding fit
super convenient
very comfortable
perfect riding fit

top tip

If you are unsure which version to choose, then consider to get the regular Breezy Boxer first and try it out. If for some reason the leg elastic is not for you, then it is possible to cut off the leg elastics yourself.

And no need to worry. Every knitted loop in this fabric is a knot on its own, so the fabric will not fray.

Horse riding underwear - Breezy Boxer - cut of leg elastics

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