Q: Other ‘seamless’ underwear is not true seamless?

The term seamless is very popular these days. However, looking at ‘seamless’ underwear you will notice that almost all of them have a stitched panel inserted in the crotch area. This creates two seams at the exact spot where you don’t want them to be when horse riding. Seducci uses an innovative technology to create completely seamless products (apart from the elastics of course). This 100% seamless construction is ideal for using in the saddle because there can be no friction due to seams or threading, due to the lack of any.

Q: The crotch area show signs of a seam?

Don’t worry, this is not your typical seam. This extra material in the crotch area is due to the innovative 3D knitting process, in order to make a curve in the product. No separate stitching thread is used. It is directly knitted by the machine using the same soft yarns as of which the boxer is made.

We had the underwear extensively tested by riders with extreme sensitive skin and the crotch ‘seam’ did not create any issues for the riders.

Q: Isn’t the boxer too warm?

The fabric of the Breezy Boxer has a specific weight of 190 g/m². This is comparable to many other woven base layer fabrics. The reason our boxer feels or looks thicker is because the manufacturing is a knitting process instead of a woven one. This knitted fabric has a more open structure is essentially more breathable than a tightly woven one due to the more spacious layout of the yarns.

Q: You don’t see the leg elastics?

It depends on the type and the fit of your riding breeches whether the leg elastics of the Breezy Boxer will be visible. It is important that you order the correct size boxer, because for us the leg circumference is defining for the boxer size. Measure precisely to minimalize the visibility of the elastics.
To prevent any chance of a ‘panty’ line, choose the Breezy Boxer ZERO (without leg elastics). You will have to re-position the legs of the boxer after putting on your riding breeches. The boxer will stay in place when riding.

You can read more about the Zero in the About Zero section.

Q: Which color should I choose?

Horse riding underwear - Breezy Boxer Jane Zero iris frontHorse riding underwear - Breezy Boxer Joe Zero grey front

The colors Iris (W) and Grey (M) are specifically chosen to be worn under white breeches. These colors are not visible underneath white, even if the breeches are a little bit translucent. Iris and Grey even work better than the colors red, skin or even white!

Q: What kind of color is iris?

The color Iris lies between a light pink and a light skin-color. The images on the website present it quite accurately on most modern displays.

Q: What is DriRide™

DriRide™ is a fabric that has optimal moisture wicking capabilities. This is realized by both the method of fabrication and the use of specific yarns.
The ‘weave’ is very airy due to the unique knitting process. The fabric in its final state seems to be thicker than a regular woven fabric, but our DriRide™ fabric has a specific weight (circa 190g/m²) comparable to those of other base layers fabrics. This open structure also means that the product dries more quickly and breaths very well.

The second feature of DriRide™ is that it uses two different yarns in one fabric. The inside is constructed of Dryarn® fibers that have extremely high moisture wicking capabilities. These fibers will transport moisture to the outer layer which consists of high quality polyamide fibers that will transport the moisture further away from the skin.

Q: What is Dryarn®?

Dryarn® is a fiber with extraordinary properties. It is the lightest fiber ever (10km of Dryarn® weighs just 1 gram). It has tremendous high wicking properties which keep this yarn very dry to the touch. This will keep your skin dry and prevents many of the common saddle pains. On top of that, Dryarn® fibers are anti-bacterial on their own without the use of any chemical after-treatment. The fiber is also non-allergic, so very comfortable for the sensitive skin.

Q: Why does the inside of the boxer have a different color than the outside?

The boxer is constructed out of two different yarns that individually account for the in- and outside of the boxer; another unique quality of the Breezy Boxer. The inside is made up from Dryarn® fibers (see DriRide™) while the outside is made from high quality polyamide fibers. The Dryarn® fibers keep their original (white) color while we colorize the polyamide fibers.

Q: What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is a cellulose fiber, primarily made from wood pulp. The properties of Lyocell are comparable to those of viscose and silk; soft and absorbent. But Lyocell remains very strong when wet and wrinkles less.
The process to make Lyocell is more expensive, but relatively more eco-friendly, because the solvent for the wood pulp is recovered afterwards.

Q: What is Ag+?

‘Ag’ is the symbol for silver (Argentum) in the periodic table.
Lyocell Ag+ indicates that the Lyocell fibers are fused with nano-particles of silver that actively act against odors and bacteria.

Q: Is an artificial fiber warmer than cotton?
The only advantage that cotton has over an artificial fiber is the slightly lower isolation factor. But after just a brief period of activity the disadvantages of cotton rise to the surface. For instance, our Dryarn® fiber wicks moisture 200x faster than cotton and even 100x faster than nylon. Moreover, Dryarn® is anti-bacterial and non-allergic by itself. It is ideal for active use around the seat area.
Q: Isn’t a natural fiber better for the skin?
The sports industry mainly uses artificial fibers or a combination of artificial and natural fibers to make sports apparel. The properties of the artificial fibers fit an active use much better. So when you need excellent moisture wicking properties, the artificial fiber easily trumps the cotton fiber. Our Dryarn® wicks moisture 200x faster than cotton. Moreover, Dryarn® is anti-bacterial and non-allergic by itself. It is ideal for active use around the seat area.
Washing instructions for Breezy Boxer
Washing at 40°C. Watch out for Velcro items. These can damage the inside of the waist elastic. This is why the boxer comes in its own washing pouch. Tumble dry normal.
Washing instructions for socks
Wash inside out. Washing at 40°C. Watch out for Velcro items. These can damage the yarns. Do not tumble dry.
Washing instructions for Neo jacket
Wash the jacket in a similar way as a silk product. Do not use fabric softener – Machine wash cold (30°) – Gentle cycle (max. 600rpm) – Do not tumble dry – Line dry – Do not iron – Do not dry clean.

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