Maarten van Stek is Grand Prix rider and instructor/trainer/coach. Maarten started his career in horse riding with several training courses, both in The Netherlands as abroad. He has trained many horses to high levels, even at Grand Prix level. And he also competes with his own horse with the 2017 goal to compete in a Grand Prix. And the amazing thing about this is that Maarten rides with just one arm. He has a prosthesis for his left arm, which means he must rely on an amazing understanding between himself and the horse. He cannot use physical strength to instruct the horse into doing the maneuvers. Missing one limb has forced Maarten to be a better rider and that experience he shares with others when instructing. You can visit his website here: Dressage Riders (Dutch).

This is what Maarten has to say about the Breezy Boxer : “What an amazing item. It doesn’t ruck up, especially while riding very comfortable. Everything sits correct 🙂 but not too tight, like not heaving any underwear on. Really well done Seducci!!!!”