Privacy Policy

Obviously we respect your privacy. But you probably understand that we need some of your personal data to offer you our services, which is providing you with equestrian comfort wear. We are not big with words, so we want to keep it simple and easy.

Browsing our website

You are anonymous to us. We only see you on Google Analytics as a number with some data attached, like country, language, etc.

Ordering on our website

Things like name, address, etc. are needed to send out an order to you. We keep a record of that on our website hosting system. Our hosting company keeps this info safe and is only accessible to a few of the Seducci team. We access this data to provide you with services that you can expect from a company that has sold you an item. Think of shipping, returns, garantuees, etc.

Access and correct your data

Login to your account and there you can make changes. You can ask us to delete your account by sending us an email to

Third parties

We do not exchange your personal data with any other third party, other than for the purpose of providing you with a regular shopping experience, as explained in the other paragraphs.


We keep a record of your name and email address on our Google Drive, when you have opted in to receive a newsletter. This record is only accessible to a few of the Seducci team. And this record is shared with Mailchimp, which is an online newsletter service where we have an account. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter with the link that is provided in every newsletter footer.