1000 kms through Mongolia

By Rene

The Mongol Derby

The ultimate horse riding adventure. In the footsteps of Genghis Khan’s postal service, ride on the Mongolian steppe on incredible horses.

Mongol Derby - Mongolian steppe

The history

It is 1224; Genghis Khan set up the world’s first long-distance postal transmission system. Using a massive network of horse stations – ‘morin urtuus’ in Mongolian – his hardy messengers could gallop from Kharkhorin to the Caspian sea in a number of days.

Mongol Derby - Galloping the steppe

1000 kms in 8 days

The Mongol Derby recreates this legendary system, building a network of urtuus at 35km intervals along the entire thousand kilometer course. This is the longest and toughest horse race on the planet!

Mongol Derby - Dutch rider is finishing 1000kms with a colleague

Riding semi-feral horses

Highly trained and fit Mongolian horses are standing ready at the horse stations. These ballistic missiles are super tough, so don’t let their size fool you. Each rider will have to change horse at each urtuu/horse station.

Mongol Derby - vetcheck with dr. Cozy

Horse Health comes first

The Adventurists has limited the race to 40 riders so that they are ensured of having enough fresh horses and to keep track of the health of horses and riders.

The vetcheck is of top priority at each horse station. If a rider comes in the station with a horse that has a high heart rate, you get a big time penalty. Which mostly means that you are not in the race for the win anymore. But over the years it has been a fact that riders are very horse-minded and acknowledge that it is an adventure first, and a race second. Penalties are rare and that is also because the organization vets the contestants before they are allowed to join the Mongol Derby. Many apply for the race, but only a few can start.

Mongol Derby - Margreet finishes 3rd with 3 other riders

This could be your next adventure! Join the race here.

And let us know when you get in! We offer full support to all Mongol Derby riders. Then maybe we will see you in Mongolia in 2021!



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