Hinke talks about the Gaucho Derby

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Rider Hinke van der Werf just got back from her adventure in Patagonia and is joining the table at the radioshow “Spijkers met Koppen” in the Netherlands.

She talks about the ups and downs of such an adventurous equestrian race. You can hear the interview here. It starts at 47 minutes.

Interview is in Dutch only, but below are some quotes from Hinke.

“During the race you get 7 horses from the Gauchos. These are the local ‘cowboys’ from Patagonia.”

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“You pick a number from a hat and that says which horse you ride next. But first you have to catch that horse!”

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“You get up at 5am and you first look to see if your horse is still there.”

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“Why compete in these type of races?”

“My first reaction would be – why not haha. But really, the nature is so beautiful.”

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“In the mountains I am free, only responsible for my horse and myself. Just try to survive. Very simple.”

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Are you ready for your own equestrian adventure?

There are some amazing races being organized. Guaranteed to create memories that last a lifetime.

Mongol Derby

Gaucho Derby

Race the Wild Coast


But there are also great tours you can do. All the beauty of the outdoors, but without the racing element. We have some clients who are now riding in Namibia. Even in the desert heat the Breezy Boxer functions well!

© Claudia Emanuel
© Claudia Emanuel

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