Hinke van der Werf

By Team Seducci

Looking for life adventures

Hinke is not afraid of taking on a challenge. Looking for the next kick to combine with her great passion for horse riding, she discovered the Mongol Derby.

Mongol Derby - Galloping the steppe

The Mongol Derby

Hinke was the first rider to contact us whether we would like to sponsor her for the Mongol Derby. As far as adventures go, this one is the ultimate horse riding event for endurance riders. In short; 40 riders start somewhere on the Mongolian steppe to race non-stop for 1000 kms! Thereby changing horses every 30 to 40km. You can read more on this here.

Mongol Derby - Mount up

Time for new underwear

We had tested our underwear by long-distance Endurance riders quite a lot. They were actually the first to adopt the Breezy Boxer as their go-to underwear for training and competition. But when Hinke approached us regarding a multi-day 1000 km event, we knew that this would be the ultimate test for rider and material! So, we hooked Hinke up with some boxers and let her try them. Fortunately they passed the test and she decided to wear the Breezy Boxer during the race.

Mongol Derby - Galloping the steppe

Finishing the race

Hinke finished the 1000 kms in just 7 days. Taking the 7th place in the rankings, while being in the last place on the first day! But perhaps the price for Best Horsemanship was even more incredible to her. This meant Hinke was considered to have taken care of her horses the best during the race. Returning them at the horse stations with a low heart rate and in good shape. A great honor and an award to be proud of.

Hinke at the horse station with the mongolian herder family

Saving your butt

And the end result of our 1000 km test you might ask? Hinke was very pleased with the performance of our boxer. No chafing, no discomfort at the butt area. Opposed to quite a few other riders in the derby that had serious skin issues due to bad underwear.


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