Nant Baten

By Team Seducci

Our long distance tester

Nant Baten is an Endurance rider competing on an international level. Having reached the 160k on multiple occasions, she knows how to ride and stay fit during a long-distance race.

Nant is a big fan of the Seducci Breezy Boxer. Living close by our office and riding long distances throughout the year, Nant became the perfect tester for our underwear.

Nant Baten EK

Eating up those kilometers

Nant trains a lot, on and off the horses, leaving nothing to chance on those long distances. She knows that taking care of the horse, but not yourself is not a recipe for success. So, Nant is fit. But while you can train your muscles and your mind, your skin is quite a difficult part of your body. Chafing your butt is a very common problem for horse riders. And one that can put a stop to your rides and training schedule.

Keep your skin in shape

“Wearing the appropriate underwear is step 1 in keeping your skin healthy and undamaged.” Nant relies on the Breezy Boxer Jane to make it through to the end without any discomfort on the seat area.

We are glad that we are able to help Nant achieve her goals for the next years.

Nant Baten Endurance

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