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We reinvented the concept of sizing to make sure that you use the correct size Breezy Boxer. We ask you to forget about terms like medium, large, etc. It is actually the leg circumference that defines the size and provides you with the perfect fit. If this circumference is chosen correctly, you will have maximum comfort with minimum visibility of the boxer underneath the breeches.

Measure the leg circumference at a distance of 16cm (6″) from the crotch. See the table for your size Breezy Boxer.

Perfect stretch fit for everyone 

 Jane W1 W2 W3

circumference of leg [cm]

44-49 50-55 56-62

circumference of leg [cm]

W1 44-49
W2 50-55
W3 56-62
 Joe M1 M2

circumference of leg [cm]

47-52 53-59

circumference of leg [cm]

M1 47-52
M2 53-59

Perfect fitting socks

EU 35-38 39-42 43-46
UK 2.5-5 5.5-8 8.5-11
cm 22-24 25-27 28-30
A [cm] 40 43 46
B [cm] 21 24 27
EU A [cm] B [cm]
35-38 40 21
39-42 43 24
43-46 46 27
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